As If Rows Of Razor Sharp Teeth Weren’t Enough…

That’s the last thing a Mad Shark needs – a bunch of high-density projectiles that it can launch at its targets from 30 yards away! Nonetheless, in this action-filled game, you can hurl these huge pearls at your enemies AND eat all the fish you want. We recommend saving the projectiles for explosive mines and submarines – they’re the ones who can actually take you out. Otherwise, do what sharks do and chomp through everything in your path.

Mad Shark, Look Out!

In addition to the mines and ships are the barrels of toxic waste that the ships drop, so you have plenty to swim around – that is, if you want to live. So don’t get too lost in the fun of chomping down all those poor little fishies. If you enjoy this Mad Shark game as much as we do, you’ll be shattering high scores in new times!

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