Got An Appetite For Fun Puzzles?

Try to not drool as you slide the delicious morsels across the board during this Candy Super Lines game, one of our favourite thinking games for killing time. We’ve got chocolates, lollipops, gumdrops, and every one different classic candies simply waiting to be matched in threes. Slide items around to form that happen, however, beware: for each move that doesn’t end in a match, a lot of candy is going to be superimposed to the board!

Shoot For A Delicious High Score In Candy Super Lines

If you’ll be able to keep before the sport and keep those matches returning, your board is going to be nice and clean. make certain you don’t block any of your candies in, as a result, you’ll have to move as several as you’ll be able to to avoid muddle. If you’ll be able to follow these simple tips, you’ll smash our high score of three,000 in no time! able to set an Associate in Nursing unbeatable candy super line record?

Ready to grab some candy? Get a minimum of 3 candies during a row to earn points and level up. Have fun!

Use your mouse to manoeuvre a chunk of candy. faucet it and faucet on the empty sq. you’d wish to move it to. Remember, you want to get a minimum of getting 3 during a row to clear a line. still do therefore to earn points.

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