A popular arcade game with puzzle elements. Play Candy Match 3 and let a cute cat introduce you to the basics of the game. Match three candies and pop them to earn points. Match more, and you can create a candy burst! Collect rewards as you move through different sweet, themed levels.

The colours are vibrant, and the music is addictive! Candy matches 3 also increase your experience so you can get better moves. Visit the land of sugar and destroy all candies on the board. Once candies are destroyed, others would drop-down adding more challenges to the game. The puzzle element adds excitement as you try to bust all candies and move on to the next level with three stars. Colourful effects, eye-popping candies exploding, this game would have you addicted in no time. Lose a sense of time with this arcade game that is vibrant and as well as catchy! Feeling stuck? Do not worry as the game gives you hints on your next move by highlighting candies with possible matches, be careful as these instructions sometimes would eat up your moves and might not be the best course to take, so keep a watchful eye. Candy Match 3 is a puzzle game that would have you moving and switching candies to burst! Move up and down or left to right, It’s sweet and oh so divine!

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