Brick Out by is an HTML based, browser game. It is a brick-breaker game, as it’s most commonly called. It’s a classic game and has had many different versions since it was first made. The users will basically have to break the bricks using a slider. The players will have to balance the ball on the slider, trying to keep it on it. As soon as the ball falls, they will lose a life. As soon as they tap once, the ball will shoot upwards and start hitting the bricks. 

There are various colours of bricks that have different points. The players will have to balance the ball in the middle of the slider to make the hit a success. The more the ball shifts towards the sides of the slider, the more the ball will deviate. And the more the ball will deviate, the harder it will be to hit the target and save it. Players can also collect hearts in the game to gain multiple lives, making it easier to play for a longer amount of time. As the level increases, the number of bricks also increases. 

The speed of the ball increases as well, hence making it difficult, engaging and fun all at the same time. But there is no login option available, so players cannot pick up where they left. They will have to start the game all over again.

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