What is Memory?

Memory can be defined as the brain’s ability to retain information and voluntarily recover it when needed. In other words, it is what makes it possible to remember facts, ideas, feelings, relationships between concepts, and any other type of stimuli that happened in the past. While the hippocampus is the main part of the brain related to memory, we can’t locate memories in a specific part of the brain, as there are a number of brain areas used in memory. This skill is one of the functions most commonly affected by ageing. Luckily, it can be trained with cognitive stimulation and different kinds of brain games.

CogniFit helps activate and strengthen memory and other important cognitive skills. Our brain games were designed to stimulate certain neural activation patterns. The repeated activation of these cognitive patterns can help strengthen the neural connections used and establish new synapses able to reorganize and/or recover weakened or damaged cognitive functions.

Instructions to play memory 

Test your memory with this memory game. 1st choose the issue level. the lower the amount, the additional cards are within the memorandum game. On the sports board, there are invariably 2 identical pictures. begin the sport by flipping a card. Then attempt to notice another card that has an identical image because the 1st. If you cannot notice a try, the flipped cards are flipped back with the face down. attempt to keep in mind these pictures because it becomes easier to search out pairs the longer you play. Once you notice a try they’re aloof from the board and once you notice all the pairs during this memory, you have completed the extent. 

Memory and kids 

Children ought to sporadically come back to the present memory till they’re simply capable of determining a minimum of the foremost basic levels. It’s common that the kid can create vital progress by developing memory methods. So as for kids to recollect the methods during this memory game, it’s smart if the youngsters are inspired to travel back here on many occasions and not solely play once. applicable moments may be on weekends and faculty holidays! 

Calculation of data points 

Each completed game level provides two information points in Memory. The most variety of points (12 information points) is achieved once you pass all half dozen levels. you will get a laurel wreath once you complete grade two times and a ribbon once five completed rounds. A prize is received once ten completed rounds. In Memory, the largest variety of collectable gold medals is half a dozen. you merely earn information points for levels that haven’t been cleared before. A cleared level encompasses an inexperienced background higher than. Even once you have completed a grade, you’ll be able to continue active at that level, however, it provides you with no additional information points.

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